Goodbye, world.

Bootstrapping Design has left for that big dusty bookshelf up in the sky.

It's no longer for sale.

But now there is a better way for you to learn about design. The book has found new life in a higher form.

Bootstrapping Design was a decent book, or at least many of the thousands of people who bought it said they liked it.

But ultimately it was not enough. 5 years of conversations with readers taught me that Bootstrapping Design really only scratched the surface of common challenges in learning design.

In the book I wrote that to become good at design you need to practice. I wrote that design is more about skill than knowledge. And then, I proceeded to provide only knowledge.

To truly learn design and make good design, you need more than a book. You need more than tips, theories, and information.

You need experience, advice, and mentorship.

That's why I have cannibalized Bootstrapping Design, and made a better way for you to learn and practice design.

And hello, world.

To replace Bootstrapping Design, I am writing a design course called TheorySprints. This course includes all the principles I taught in Bootstrapping Design, but also builds upon the ebook by teaching in more depth and then showing how to use the principles in video demonstrations.

There is also a second course called Portfolio Builder to guide you in practicing what you learn, because, as I wrote in Bootstrapping Design, practice is the most important part of learning design.

Learn about TheorySprints, the successor to Bootstrapping Design

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Jarrod Drysdale, author of Bootstrapping Design